The CSI Congress hosts the Summit Trade Exhibition concurrently with CSI Summit The exhibition affords traders and crafters across the board the opportunity to access markets, increase their sales and profits and be innovative and competitive by showcasing their products and services to the upmarket shoppers.

The purpose of the CSI Congress is to promote the creation of social value by improving the livelihood of informal traders.

Who We Are..

Our purpose is to build a multi-dimensional economic framework for reducing poverty, improve service delivery and good governance along with redemptive freedom through CSI approaches.


  • Profiling Traders
  • Monetizing Business Ideas
  • New Markets for Informal Traders
  • Creating Conducive environments
  • Market Access
  • Enterprise Development
  • Promote productive partnerships

Long Term Business Values

  • Need for markets & platforms to showcase their arts & crafts
  • Product development required for niche type markets to ensure relevancy and sustainability
  • Management skills required to run businesses
  • Skills required to start up co-operative businesses
  • Suitable places (e.g. converted containers) required in rural areas to perform creative tasks e.g. beading & other crafting endeavours.
  • Management workshops required for artists
  • Skills required to market products across borders.

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