About The National Call To Dialogue

The CSI Congress leads the way in Corporate Social Innovation – fueling breakthrough changes through core business operations to achieve social and environmental value along with greater financial returns.”

We have engineered turnarounds, delivered quantum impact and expanded corporate engagement through South Africa`s social investment market.

Who We Are..

Our purpose is to build a multi-dimensional economic framework for reducing poverty, improve service delivery and good governance along with redemptive freedom through CSI approaches.


  • Brand value
  • Business growth
  • Workforce competitiveness/Talent retention
  • ROI
  • Tax Exemption

Long Term Business Values

  • The Dialogue engages leaders that span diverse experiences to chart out and reform business approaches and economic growth models to address social challenges.
  • Implementing purposeful agendas that are measurable and sustainable in addition to measuring impact along withrevenue growth- ROI

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